Handling Service

We receive your goods

We have the honor of handling the largest number of freighter flights arriving at Maiquetía Simón Bolívar International Airport, with the best quality and reliability standards, giving them the best experience when receiving your cargo in Venezuela.


Weight and balance.
Flight Plan and Meteorology.
Payment of dosas and Radio Aids.

Handling Aircrafts

Signals and Marchador.
Aircraft towing.
Ground / cab communication during the tow phase.

Handling Cargo

Loading and unloading of aircraft
Paymover - Loader - Bagagge Tractor - Trailer Bar - Dollies - Tape
GPU (Power plant) - ASU (Tire Starter) - ACU (Air conditioner) .
Waste and Drinking Water, Crew and Truck Transport.

Handling Passengers

Bagagge Tractor.
Cars and Tape.
Trucks and Buses.