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June 2, 1991

Corporate Headquarter

State Vargas - Venezuela, Maiquetía Simón Bolívar International Airport, Old Air Customs . Shed N° 2.


We satisfy our clients, workers, authorities and shareholders, by assuring our motto: "Security and Extreme Efficiency"


Being the Company, which everyone uses as a point of comparison, By assuring our motto: "Security and Extreme Efficiency"

About us

The company

SERVICIOS AUXILIARES DE AVIACIÓN VEN-WAS INTERNACIONAL, S.A. is a company born in the field of aeronautics, with extensive experience in the domestic and international market, not only specialized in the provision of ground handling services to passengers and aircraft, but also trained to provide the best care in handling their cargo , Offering a complete service and of excellent quality that certifies that your merchandise will always be safe in the best hands.

What we offer

Offer a wide variety of services, starting from the reception of the aircraft, flight clearance, handling of merchandise, storage, among others which go hand in hand with our strategic allies, a great effort together that makes customers satisfied Under the support of our motto "Security and Extreme Efficiency".

Our greatest resource

Our Team

Conformed with the most complete and professional human talent in the market, fundamental pillar in the development of the company and which is ready at all times to offer them the best service, just in time and under the highest quality standards established. Located in the best zone of the International Airport of Maiquetía Simón Bolívar, we are the only ones that offer the services of Handling and Warehouse throughout the State. Vargas and The Greater Caracas.


The Company SERVICIOS AUXILIARES DE AVIACIÓN VEN-WAS INTERNACIONAL, S.A. was founded on June 2, 1991. Its founders were Humberto Cabrera Roldan, Lic Rene Gonzalez Polet, Sr. Pascuale Antenucci M. and Miss Maria A Cabrera Arismendi, all Venezuelans of age. The warehouse was constituted for the operation of the branches of the aviation auxiliary services, supplies of spare parts and supplies of all kinds, necessary for the operation of commercial and / or private planes of cargo and passengers, import and operation of equipment and Spare parts. Likewise, the company is named Auxiliary Aviation Services Venwas International, SA, and is constituted under the Mercantile Registry of the Federal District Judicial District and Miranda State, under number II, Volume 33-A dated June 2 Of 1991 and is entered in file 99.392. Later, its current address is the Old Customs Air, Shed N ° 2, Catia la Mar State Vargas.